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Diplompsychologe Thomas Sondermann

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Coaching is an on-going partnership between the coach and individuals or groups/teams. This partnership is temporary and provides the client with goal oriented and situative mentoring and support in the area of his/her profession. During this process the client is responsible for learning and decision making. (Source: Trigon - www.coaching.at).
oaching is not psychotherapy and cannot replace such a therapy. As with all coaching methods it is necessary that clients are psychologically and physically fit.

Healing Practitioner in Psychotherapy
The responsible supervisory and authorising bodies (e.g. health office) can grant the permission to carry out the profession of Heilkunde (Healing) limited to the area of psychotherapy in accordance with the Heilpraktikergesetz (law concerning healing practitioners). Instead of being granted an unlimited Heilpraktikerzulassung (healing practitioner authorisation), the healing practitioner in psychotherapy is permitted to practise only in the area of psychotherapy.
There is no state-regulated training programme for healing practitioner in psychotherapy, only the authorisation is regulated by the state. It is recommended to inquire about and challenge the training a healing practitioner has received. Since healing practitioners do not have authorisation of the statutory health insurance scheme, the clients of healing practitioners in psychotherapy generally either pay themselves or have private insurance with a corresponding agreement within their insurance contract. A healing practitioner in psychotherapy can employ elements of various schools of psychotherapy such as psychoanalysis, behaviour therapy, systemic therapy, client-centred therapy or neurolinguistic programming.

Supervisory body
Landratsamt (district office) Miltenberg (health office)

Professional liability insurance
Thomas Sondermann has taken out the following professional liability insurance policies:

Office liability insurance
Insurance carrier: Generali Versicherung AG
Address: Adenauerring 7, 81737 München
Risk category: Office liability insurance for executive consultants
Policy territory: worldwide

Financial loss liability insurance
Insurance carrier: HISCOX / Fidelis
Address: Oberanger 28, 80331 München
Risk category: Financial loss liability insurance for executive consultants
Policy territory: claims which are lodged with courts in EU Member States,
EEA Member States and Switzerland and which are considered an infringement in these states.