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Succeed with the wingwave® method

The wingwave® coaching method is a success coaching and emotion coaching tool. The client responds immediately and experiences a rapid decrease of performance related stress as well as an increase in creativity, mental fitness and conflict stability. This resource effect is triggered by a seemingly simple intervention which simulates a REM phase (Rapid Eye Movement) while the client is awake.
Normally we experience these rapid eye movements only at night while integrating the previous days’ events into our psyche during a dream phase.

wingwave® coaching is a new short-term coaching concept that very effectively combines standard psychological coaching elements:

  • Bilateral hemisphere stimulation, through “awake” REM phases (Rapid Eye Movement), auditory or tactile left-right input
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Kinesiology (muscle response tests to ensure the effectiveness of the coaching process)

wingwave® coaching in a professional context

  • Increase of creativity and performance
  • Transform limiting believes in success triggering convictions
  • Reduce stress caused by personal and performance related conflict in the work environment (e.g. burnout)
  • Deal with conflicts
  • Overcome stress connected with conversations, giving speeches and presentations, closing a deal
  • Master self-organisation

wingwave® coaching in a personal context

  • Learn to handle conflict situations in the family
  • Deal with interpersonal disappointments: ‘a world falls apart’
  • Deal with verbal mistreatments which challenge the sense of self-worth
  • Deal with mourning processes caused by separation or loss
  • Trauma caused by apparently minor incidents like slight insults which are indicators of an underlying longstanding conflict
  • Learn to handle destructive tendencies such as extreme cravings
  • Overcome phobias and anxieties such as fear of flying or fear of heights

wingwave® coaching in the context of family, children and school

  • Increase creativity and performance
  • Overcome fear and test anxiety
  • Learn to deal with conflicts in the family and school environment
  • Overcome stress related to academic performance and pressure to succeed
  • Learn to deal with ‘special’ situations like defined LRS, dyscalculia, ADHD

Learn more about the wingwave® method during a free introductory session without obligation on your part.

Links for further information on wingwave®:

  • www.wingwave.com (general information as well as various press releases on the successful application of the wingwave® coaching method)
  • www.bahnungsmomente.org (society for the support of scientific projects in coaching, e.g. wingwave®)
  • www.youtube.com (video clips depicting the application of the method – enter the search word 'wingwave’)

wingwave® coaching is not psychotherapy and cannot replace such a therapy. As with all coaching methods it is necessary that clients are psychologically and physically fit.